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SAMA Guide to Spring Cleaning

1. Drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning.  Add Hot Tonic Tea for a super cleansing start.  

2. Move your body.  A morning walk.  I like 2 pound weights and 3 sets of 30 doing different movements.  Squats with Arms.  Jumping Jacks.  Fake Jump Ropes.  

3. Create or Reinvigorate your daily routine.  ie. Time batch your days.   Add a healthy outdoor activity after work now that we have more light.  Journal before bed instead of screen time.

4. Clear your mind.  I like meditation first thing in the morning.  I sit up in bed and do 10 minutes of alternate nostril breathing and then 10 minutes of either TM or visualization.    I try to do a second meditation in the afternoon before school pickup.   Yoga can help.  Journaling can help.  Practicing presence can help.  Limiting screen time can help. 

5. Get Vitamin d from the sun on your skin and in your eyeballs as early as you can in the day.  

6. Declutter your physical space.  Clean out the fridge and pantry and stock with healthy foods.  Keep SAMA juices, soups, and smoothies on hand frozen for quick and easy, healthy options.  

7.  Clear the air.  Simmering clove and cinnamon in water on the stove top is my go to home fragrance year round.  Cinnamon is shown to boost brain cognition and is spiritually believed to invite divine energies to manifest.  Change your air duct filters. 

8. Exfoliate your body.  Using SAMA Scrub and Soak in either Kapha or Vata during the spring time will prepare your skin for summer. 

9.  Do a 3 day Kitchari Cleanse to reset your taste buds and palate to crave healthier foods, reduce inflammation, and increase creativity and energy.