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Kitchari Cleanse


The Kitchari Cleanse is our Cold Weather Warming Cleanse.  This meal plan, best done for 3-5 days, includes 5 (8oz) organic juices, 3 organic cleansing teas, and 2 bowls of Kitchari Soup or SAMA Soup per day.  The Kitchari Cleanse will give your body a break, hit the reset button on your cravings and pallet, and boost your digestive fire, known as agni in Ayurveda.  

Our Tridoshic (good for all doshas) Kitchari is dairy-free and made with split mung beans, healing spices and herbs, carrots and spinach.  Traditional kitchari has rice cooked into it but we keep it separate so you can choose with or without rice.   Add as much water and pink salt as you'd like when reheating.  Top with the provided ginger pickle, cilantro, and lemon.  If not vegan, we encourage you to add a dollop of ghee.   

SAMA Soup can substitute for one or both bowls of Kitchari.  Although it is not Tridoshic, it is made from red lentils, garlic, turmeric, ginger, shallots, and tomatoes. 

The first tea of the day, Hot Tonic, can come with or without a caffeinated green tea.  Please select below.    



Green Tea

Brown Basmati Rice
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