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Let It Go Cleanse


The Let It Go Cleanse is an all-juice plan which includes 2 teas and 10 (8oz) organic juices per day.  Order 3-5 days worth for a true reset.  Because you have an 8oz juice every hour instead of a 16 oz juice every 2 hours, you feel much more satiated and happy on your cleanse.  This cleanse is considered a Warm Weather Cooling Cleanse.  Triphala tea starts the day.  Triphala, made up of three different fruit powders: amla, haritake, and bibhitaki, is traditionally used in Ayurvedic Medicine as a digestive tonic to promote digestive fire, aid in digestion, and promote mild laxative action. The three fruits that make up triphala each correspond to one of the three doshas (a.k.a. types of energy): "fire energy", "earth/water energy", and "air/space energy", which makes it a suitable and balancing herb for all body types and constitutions. 

Each juice on this cleanse was designed to have ingredients that are known "movers".   Example ingredients on the Let It Go Cleanse are shatavari, celery, aloe vera, dandelion, activated charcoal, watermelon, and green apple.  

When you overindulge and want to let it all go, it's a game-changer for juice fasting.

Available for pre-order only.  24 hr advance notice required

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