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SAMA MAMA /Vata Balance Meals


"A new mother should be treated with massage, warm baths, a specific diet, and herbal drinks that prevent infection, promote vitality and alleviate vata." 

From the CHARAKA SAMHITA, An Ayurvedic text dating back to Circa 400 BCE

SAMA will provide food and drinks that restore warmth, reground, and nourish mom while she nourishes baby.  

During cool, rainy, windy seasons or seasons of life that are rife with change, Vata Balancing meals help to restore balance for all.  

Perfect for anyone who needs healing foods after an illness, injury, or surgery.  

Pre Order by Wed 3pm for Friday delivery; by Saturday 3pm for Monday delivery

Free DELIVERY on Monday and Fridays  12-4pm within 5 miles of Buckhead.  Someone should be home to collect and refrigerate.


VATA Balance
Kitchari 16oz GF|DF|V
SAMA Red Lentil 16oz GF|DF|V
Ginger Fried Rice 16oz GF|DF w eggs
Mushroom Broth 16oz GF|DF|V
Egg Drop Seawood Soup 16oz GF|DF|V
Overnight Oats, Fruit Compote, Cashew Cream 8oz GF|DF|V
Vata Bath Salts
The SAMA MAMA Bowl (power grains, kale with cabbage, sweet potatoes, lemon tahini) GF|DF|V
Lemon Tahini Dressing GF|DF|V
Mango Chutney 8oz GF|DF|V
Digest Tea GF|DF|V
Good Mood Mylk GF|DF|V
Vanilla Almond Mylk GF|DF|V
Mushroom Mylk GF|DF|V
Cold Aid Juice GF|DF|V
Paleo Vegan Blondie GF|DF|V
Goji Ball GF|DF|V
Ojas Juice GF|DF|V
Bittersweet Juice GF|DF|V
Ume Plum Cucumbers 8oz GF|DF|V
Ume Plum Cabbage 8oz GF|DF|V
Power Grains 16oz GF|DF|V
Avocado Hummus 8oz GF|DF|V
Ginger Pickle 2oz GF|DF|V
Lemon Garlic Kale and Cabbage 16oz
Liver Repair Juice
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