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Smoothie 4 Pack


16oz organic smoothies

Missing your good mood?  We know.  Order 4 or more, give us 24 hours advance notice, and we will get them ready for pickup or delivery!  

Good Mood: good mood almond mylk, banana, coffee, almond butter, chaga, maca, ashwaghanda, cordyceps (According to Molly Pastor, this freezes really well.  Just take it out of the freezer and put in frig overnight for breakfast the next day.  ProTip!)

Keto Good Mood: non-sweet almond mylk, coffee, coconut oil, avocado, strawberries, almond butter, cacao, maca, ashwagandha, chaga, stevia

Smokin Hot: mango, kale, jalapeno, cilantro, pineapple water, chia seeds

Dragon: pitaya, vanilla almond mylk, pineapple, mango, strawberries

Bango: vanilla almond mylk, banana, mango, blue majik

Verdant: pineapple water, kale, chia, mint


Good Mood
Keto Good Mood
Smokin Hot
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